Ängsbacka Online – magical moments of connection and togetherness!

Ängsbacka has been a home away from home, a sanctuary and a source of inspiration to live life fully for thousands of people over the past 24 years. Now we are extending our reach through Ängsbacka Online.

Forever dedicated to deep and transformative experiences; we will do our utmost to breathe the Ängsbacka magic into all what we share. We truly hope that you will feel welcome with all that you are, to be part of a growing community of open hearts, presence and celebration of Life!

February 18 – 21, 2021

Together with Lin and Ängsbacka people from all over the world, we gather to open up our bodies and minds to refresh and find new power to move forward, into the light.

We start every day at 10.00 with kundalini shakti yoga and breathwork – a dynamic form of hatha yoga where we open up for the true experience of kundalini energy.

2021: A year to grow
Whole year – 2021

Connect from home and be part of a shared journey: a full year of inner exploration! Live online group meetings, sharing with a partner, guided meditation, Q&A and inspiration from four teachers: Candra KarlholmShantiMayiSvagito Liebermeister and Bob Hansson.

The first two meetings January 12th and 26th are free and open for all to try without further commitment! Read more and signup here.

New year’s Celebration

December 29 2020 – January 1, 2021

This New Year’s at Ängsbacka we celebrated together by making Ängsbacka accessible to All. Wherever you where, you where welcome to join.

Missed the happening? No worries, all is recorded and still available if you buy a ticket.

Be encouraged and inspired as we are rising hope!

More online events to be announced soon!


Our online events always start with connecting in a welcome ceremony on the first day.

This feeling of togetherness will be felt the whole event through distance bridging activities like live concerts, open stages and dances.



Each day you have multiple practices, workshops and talks to choose from, and in the evenings there are concerts, dance or an open stage to end the day with.

If you missed a workshop or practice or simply want to revisit it, all that is on the online program will be recorded and available to you for 8 weeks after the event.

Our festivals offer you the chance to try out various workshops and activities based on one’s own longing in the present moment. We aim to set each time slot in the program so there is something for everyone, regardless if one wants to join a workshop or listen to a deepening interview or inquiry with one of the many teachers.


During the festival you will participate in a daily sharing circle. Together you create a sacred space for open-hearted and attentive listening. One person shares at a time, while the others sit in silence paying attention to the person sharing. Everyone in the group will have the same amount of time available to them and everything that is said or done within this sacred space stays there, you do not bring it up outside sharing.

Here we can integrate experiences by putting words to them. This is a good place to land, a grounding place to come to every day. And a place where friendships for life can be born.