How does an online Ängsbacka event work?

Our intentions is to bring as many of the ‘normal’ Ängsbacka event aspects into the online event, it is however different. It is important to know exactly how an online Ängsbacka event works so you can get the best experience possible.

How can I access the event?

After purchasing a ticket for the event you will receive an email from us containing a link to the event page. This is a restricted page so you have to *login with your username and password to see the actual content.

If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder / promotion folder.

* In case this event is your first purchase at Ängsbacka Online you will also receive an email containing an automatically generated username and password needed for you to have access to the restricted content.

Are there any technical requirements?

For the Online event we use two different methods to deliver the content of the event to all participants to ensure the best experience. For broadcasts (Morning practices, Ceremonies, Sound experiences, Concerts, etc.) we embed the video directly on the event page. In case of Workshops and for the daily Sharing Groups we make use of Zoom. All links to the actual workshops will become available on the event page.

Read more about the system requirements for ZOOM. Download the ZOOM meetings client.

Can I use my smartphone to participate in the event?

Yes, but we are concerned it might not give you the best possible experience.

Make sure your internet package is sufficient and your connection is stable and fast enough to work with live video conferencing. We highly recommend to use a device with a bigger screen if you have at hand, such as a tablet or a computer. 

Will the recorded materials be available online after the event?

All recorded materials will be available for at least 8 weeks after the event ends. Some teachers might prefer that their sessions are not  recorded at all, for various reasons.

We would really like our events to be a space in which we can all freely express ourselves and feel safe. At the same time we want everyone to have access to the workshops that have passed in case they missed it or just want to revisit a workshop. To do so we are keen on recording all ZOOM meetings except the daily Sharing groups.

If you have concerns about this in terms of your personal safety or your freedom of expression, etc., we have some options for you:

1. Participate Using a Nickname. You can participate in the event under a nickname. In order to do this click ”participants” on the menu at the bottom of the screen, find yourself on the list of participants on the right side and change your name by selecting the ”rename” button. We encourage you to change your nickname 5 minutes before a workshop takes of to ensure your real name is not in the final recording..

2. Click “Stop Video”. If you do not want others to see the image from your camera but you do not mind having your voice recorded then click “stop video” in the lower left corner of the screen. If you choose this option we highly recommend that you create a Zoom account prior to the event (use the same email as for the event) and add a profile picture/graphic of yourself, which will remain visible during the conversation, this helps other participants easily find you on the screen and sense your presence even though they don’t see you moving.

3. Let us know after a recording has been made that you wish to be taken out of it and we will “edit” you out. More options are available such as: blurring your face and audio processing your voice so it is not recognizable. We take your request very seriously. You can email your requests to accompanied by the name of the workshop and your name.

4. Share from yourself only in “breakout rooms” and not in the main workshop room. Breakout rooms are not being recorded.

5. Do Not Attend. If none of these options work for you, it is best for you to not attend this event, we understand and feel sad if you decide to go with this option.

How does the Online Sharing Group work?

Every day of the event, all who choose to join a sharing group will enter the Sharing meeting on Zoom as will be announced on the event page. On the first day there will be an introduction on Sharing after which everyone will be send to ‘Breakout Rooms’ in groups between four and six participants.

One person shares, while the others sit in silence paying attention to the person sharing. Everyone in the group will have the same amount of time available to them, and everything that is said or done stays in the group. We do not bring it up again outside of sharing.

Sharing is an essential and honored practice at Ängsbacka, and we welcome you to this special space with the sensitivity and open-heartedness that is at its core.

If you choose to have a sharing group for the event, make sure to register yourself a Zoom account with the same email address as used in your booking and that you are logged in with your account during the event. Every day you might be pared up with new people.

In case you sit with additional questions concerning the event and how it will take place, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Your Online experience matters to us

Share your online event in our events from friends list

In case you want your event published on our website you can contact us at We will gladly come back with more information about the possibilities. Please note that Ängsbacka chooses the events that we publish on our website carefull to align them with our audience an

Online support

In case you are experiencing technical difficulties, preventing you to get the most out of your Online experience, please contact us at

To be able to support you we might ask you to download a program called AnyDesk (Windows / Mac), which enables Ängsbacka IT to support you on your computer over distance.