Join the Online Production!

We are looking for volunteers to join the first time ever “Ängsbacka Online Production team”. For this team we are looking for enthusiasts with experience from either study or work in the field of film-/TV-production, podcasting and streaming. This year Ängsbacka is not only experienced onsite but also a festival online and we are therefore carefully choosing the team that will make the online experience one of a kind.

Most of the people filling the roles mentioned below will come to Ängsbacka to run the whole online production from all of the different streaming locations on site.

Team Coordinator

The online production team is going to be a big team with many different expertise, therefore we are looking for a coordinator with strong communication skills, able to work with both cast and crew, under pressured situations. It is definitely appreciated if you bring a great deal of film/video knowledge as well as project management experience.

Online host

You will be Ängsbacka’s familiar face that the people at home can relate to – you will be their guide through their online experience. It is important that you are comfortable in front of the camera, know how to express yourself in English and have great interest in understanding all the different topics that our program offers, as you would be one of the interviewers bringing professionalism with a personal touch to the teachers you are talking to as well as to the participants of the Online events.


You are the technical bridge between the streaming setup at Ängsbacka and the people behind their screens at home. You have to have an eye out for everything, directing the Camera Operators and S&L Technicians and live-edit the production to deliver the best possible feed Online.


Camera’s have no secrets for you AND you have a great eye for ‘getting the right frame’. You would work closely with the Stream Operator to make sure that the experience online is at least as good as the experience for the people that are at Ängsbacka.

SOUND & LIGHT technician

We are looking for people with both the eyes and the ears for detail. You are supporting the Stream Operator and Camera Operators to strengthen the video by bringing the best lights and audio experience into the whole.


As all live-stream recordings need to be made available for the participants after the stream, we are looking for some creative and talented video editors.

Production Assistant

You would be the spider in the team that knows a bit about everything, assisting the technical crew in the space as well as the host towards the teachers/interviewers to make sure their experience is just as good as the experience we are delivering to the participants online.

Zoom host

It will be your responsibility to receive the teachers that are holding workshops via Zoom to help them setup the best audio and video with their equipment, as well as supporting them with the audience (chat, breakout rooms, technical issues).

This is an online volunteer position



You can read more about volunteering at Ängsbacka and fill in the application form on our Volunteering page.