Holistic Hormone Balance

Do you want to optimize your health and well-being?

In fact, many women do not know that there is a hormonal problem behind many of our “normal” health problems and challenges in life. In this course you will learn the basics of hormonal balance which will definitely affect your overall well-being and quality of life for the better.

This course is for all women, at all ages and stages in life. Whether you want to get your period in order, want to get pregnant, wonder why you do not recognize yourself as a 40+, suffer from menopausal challenges or “just” want more energy, better sleep, better concentration, more sex drive, etc. this course for you!

So welcome to a wonderful upgrade of yourself so that you as a woman can experience an everyday life in more balance, joy and power. Yes!

Practical information

Start: 6 March 2021
7 weeks
Language: Swedish


This is not an Ängsbacka event but an event held by someone close to us from our network. Please direct all questions directly to the host of this event through their website. Ängsbacka carries no responsibilities and accountability over the product offered on this specific page.


Inspirational and basic knowledge about nutrient-dense foods that support your hormonal system. Lots of delicious recipes for food and drinks!


Vitalizing and comfortable kundalini yoga sessions to release stress from the system and support your hormone-producing glands. Soften and strengthen your body.

Get in touch with the body and relate lovingly to it.


Yoga’s fantastic breathing exercises provide both energy and deep relaxation, provide a clear and focused mind and for you in deeper contact with yourself and your emotions.


About honoring and valuing oneself. About daily habits that promote health and life inspiration. About putting a golden edge on your own everyday life.

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