Li Storm

Li makes people feel. You might forget what you did and what she said, but inside of you there will be a memory of feeling alive and seen. Li is a dancer as well as an embodiment and sexuality coach who has explored, studied, and taught different styles and methods for more than 15 years. Their research focuses on movement as a tool for healing, self-expression and our innate gender fluidity.

Lisa lived in Mozambique for three years and has returned annually since 2015. Their time in the capital city of Maputo included extensive training in traditional dance with the performance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing, as well as research in traditional emotional and sexual healing practices. She has since then founded the movement practices “Life Is Rhythm and “Dance into Your Lust,” which includes aspects of their experience in Africa, as well as dance and movement therapy, tantra, conscious kink and trauma therapy.